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De la casa was created by the founders of Bonita Flowers, who have successfully run a florist business in Oslo over the past 10 years, specialising in Colombian, long lasting roses. The business literally blossomed into a steady success, thanks to the high quality products and great customer focus the Bonita team has always provided to their loyal customers. Since 2014, the family business launched their newest edition "Bonita Café", introducing some of the worlds best, colombian coffee served with delicious home made treats. 

2018 has brought upon change and new challenges which have translated into the new "De la casa" concept. The literal meaning is "from home" and the idea was to create a cosy space, where people can feel welcome and enjoy a delicious, unpretentious meal, as though made in their own home.

The Pasta bar is a simple solution where you can create your own favourite combination, selecting your pasta, base sause and toppings of choice, which will be prepared freshly for you within minutes. 

Click here to view our menu which includes brunch options and many more...

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